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Name:M*A*S*H Slash
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:MASH fanfiction, meta, fanart, and general squee.

[community profile] mash_slash, despite the name, isn't just for slash. Anything is welcome here, from discussion of Margaret's ever-changing hair to the scene with Hawkeye and Trapper dancing in the tent that Hallmark, at least, cut out for syndication. We're all about the show around here, no matter what your interest. Like Charles/Klinger more than any Hawkeye pairing? Great! More into Hawkeye/Carlye? More power to you. Bring it all; we love it all. Whether it's fic, discussion, art, icons, or vids, it has a place here.

There are, of course, a few rules, mostly to make organization easier on the mods and derail any possible headaches. If you need more, feel free to check out the mod posts, but most of that's covered in the rules. You've read the rules, right? If there's something urgent, e-mail is great (try or, or you could shoot off a PM or an IM; try subluxating on AIM.

~ If you have a community you'd like to affiliate with us, please e-mail or PM me.
~ [ profile] mash_slash was created in 2002 by [ profile] arrogance, the maintainer for the first four years of its existence.

The mod is not responsible for anything you may find offensive within this community. Warnings and ratings are always displayed before the content of the post, and all mature content is locked or flagged. I do not moderate submissions--posts are the responsibility of posters. If there is a problem, please contact me using one of the above methods.

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70s shows, adult fic, bj hunnicut, bj/hawkeye, charles winchester, charles/hawkeye, charles/klinger, classic sitcoms, corrupting fandom, drunken sex, fan fic, father mulcahy, femmeslash, frank burns, frank/hawkeye, frank/trapper, gay fic, gay fiction, gin, hawkeye, hawkeye pierce, hawkeye/bj, hawkeye/charles, hawkeye/frank, hawkeye/henry, hawkeye/mulchahy, hawkeye/radar, hawkeye/trapper, henry blake, henry/hawkeye, henry/radar, homoerotic subtext, hot lips, hot lips houlihan, imagination, kinks, klinger/charles, klinger/winchester, long fic, loretta swit, love in war time, m*a*s*h, m*a*s*h slash, m/m, margaret houlihan, margaret/ofc, mash, mash slash, max klinger, maxwell klinger, mulcahy/hawkeye, pervy thoughts, priest slash, radar, radar o'reily, radar/hawkeye, rare slash, rare!slash, reading between the lines, short fic, shower slash, showers, sitcom slash, sitcoms, slash, slash fandom, slashcom, subtext, the mess tent, the showers, the still, the swamp, three day pass, threesomes, trapper, trapper john, trapper john mcintyre, trapper/frank, trapper/hawkeye, unconventional pairings, war fiction, war slash
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